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Financial Services
Investment banking & credit rating, advisory & profit maximisation and insurance. We have you covered.
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Loan against property, unsecured business loan, loan balance transfer, we make sure your financial need is fulfilled.

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    Traditional facilities like cash credit and overdraft for financing the inventory and receivables.
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    As a legal advisor, we help you capture the most value and stay focused on your big-picture goals.

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    Here are a few kind words from some of our happy clients.

    I have an old 3BHK purchased in 2011 and was looking for a full-scale refurbishment of the same. After discussing with a few friends, I had decided to avail a Personal Loan and approached Rupee Funding for the same. However, during discussion with them, it came up that there was already a Housing Loan running on the house; based on this, they advised me that a better option would be to avail a ‘top-up’ on the Housing Loan (at below 8%) instead of a high interest personal loan (11%). This resulted not only in lower EMIs, but also a more comfortable tenor on the loan. It was a good decision to go to them, instead of going to a Bank directly for Personal Loan.


    I have multiple outlets trading in two-wheelers in Chennai (including one in Chintadaripet). The business had reached a saturation point and required an influx of cash flow to expand operations. With a sudden increase in demand for additional fittings and spare parts, I was looking for a loan of up to 50 lakhs. I was getting a loan at 15% per annum outside but Rupee Funding was able to arrange for secured credit from a private sector Bank at 7.5% p.a., resulting in huge interest cost savings, and helped me unlock the true potential of financial leverage.


    I had taken a home loan from a PSU Bank at a rate of 8.95% a few years back. Even when market interest rates have fallen dramatically in recent years, my Bank was only willing to cut the interest rate by 1.00%. Thanks to RupeeFunding, I was able to switch to another Bank and reduce the interest rate to 6.90% and reduce my loan burden by almost 9000 rupees per month for the remaining 15 years under the loan. That is a good saving of over 16.5 lakh rupees! Also, We Got a top-up on our loan. These guys know what they are doing.


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